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New Tory poster, airbrushed again?

Here is the new Tory poster.

The official line from Tory HQ is that Dave’s face has not been airbrushed, this time. We think that’s probably true (he’s looking much less shiny). However, our secret sources have passed onto us the original version of this poster, and it shows that while Dave’s face may have escaped airbrushing other things have been ‘touched up’.

The original is below, make your own mind up.


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Let’s Cut Benefits…

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Top Hat a Tory

Phase 2 of PowerPoint for Labour – now bolstered by the very welcome addition of Russell Davies, Dan Norris & Ray Shaughnessyhas launched. We call it ‘Top Hat a Tory’….

We believe that the Tories are the party for the few, not the many.

The party that puts I before us.

The party of the privileged.

The party of the top hat.

After all, nothing says ‘elite few’ quite like a top hat.

So we thought a bit of ‘top hattery’ might be in order.

Show the Tories for who they really are.

So we’ve created a site: tophatatory.com, where we’ve started putting top
hats back in their natural habitat – on the heads of Tories.

It’s a perfect fit.

We think that the boys at the Bullingdon will be jolly impressed.

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We’re on Facebook

We know it can be a chore having to keep coming over to this blog, so we’re going to add all the same content to our spanking new Facebook page. It’s the same, but blue (ironically).

Here’s the link.

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Gideon Osborne

Phase 1 of Powerpoint for Labour has been unveiled. Which makes it sound far grander than is perhaps warranted.

After various technical problems, the site went live today. Paul explains a bit about it:

“It’s a simple (and slightly derivative) place that allows people to share their opinion on our esteemed shadow chancellor, and see what others are thinking (just refresh the page to see another statement, or select the ‘suggest something for Gideon’ link to add your own).

Gideon isn’t a bad man, so we’re not saying anything nasty, but our opinion is that he, and the Tories, will be a bad choice at the election. So we’ve given people a chance to say so.”

Go and have a look and contribute. And better still, share. (Please).

Every tweet counts.



NB. Check the brilliant http://jonathanfromspotifyruinedyourplaylist.com/ for the inspiration (although in fairness it stretches before that).

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What is Powerpoint For Labour?

We are Paul Colman and Graeme Douglas.

We have jobs in the creative and communications business and we do a lot of mucking about on the internet.

We wanted to do something to contribute to a Labour victory and say something about the inherent comedy of the Tories, and we wondered if our communications and mucking about skills might be any use. So, we’re going to try various things, many of them will be silly and ineffective, but if one of them generates one extra Labour vote if will have been worth it. We’ve called ourselves PowerPoint For Labour and if you’d like to help out please get in touch.

Bear in mind though, that the most useful thing we can all do is find our local constituency party and volunteer to deliver some leaflets.

Also, it’s probably worth noting this stuff is in no way affiliated with our place of work. Just to be clear.

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